Point of Sale Library Release 2.4

Coming November 2018

Allow surcharging from POS

In previous library versions, when sending surcharge amounts from the POS to the eftpos terminal, the surcharge amount was included in the total purchase amount. POS vendors will now have the ability to separate this into a seperate surcharge amount when sending a purchase request to the eftpos terminal.

Ability to suppress Merchant Password from POS for refund

This feature give POS vendors the ability to handle the secure merchant password prompt on the POS instead of the eftpos terminal. Given the security check is already done on the POS, the eftpos terminal will directly access refunds.

Automatic Address resolution

Automatic EFTPOS Address Resolution is an optional configuration in your POS’s EFTPOS Settings screen.

When turned on, the client library will automatically try to resolve the address of the EFTPOS based on the supplied Serial-Number.

For more information see here.

WSS Support (JavaScript library only)

Previous mx51 technology used websockets to communicate between the eftpos terminal and the POS terminal. This did now allow HTTPS enabled web based apps to communicate with the eftpos terminal unless ‘mixed content’ mode was enabled. WSS Support now enables communication through secure websockets.

For more information see here.

Terminal Status Update

Through the API, POS vendors will have the ability to access and/or expose terminal configuration, and statuses. This includes information such as the terminal MID, TID and serial number.

Battery Level Changed Event

This feature allows POS partners to monitor the battery level of our eftpos terminals and action a low battery status (i.e. pop up modals telling POS users to put the eftpos terminal on charge).