Minimum Development checklist

This page outlines the items a POS product must implement to complete a minimum integration with Spice. It should be used as a checklist for POS developers to know what they are required to build.

Request Headers

  • The POS-Name and POS-Version are required to be passed through in the headers for each transaction request.


  • The Adaptor window must appear above the POS so that transactions can be acknowledged
  • If the Adaptor isn't running the POS needs to display an Error Messaging if the user attempts to initiate a transaction
  • The POS can process Purchase, Refund, and MOTO transactions
  • The POS must support Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • If a transaction is declined the sale needs to remain open
  • The POS handles Surcharges and other transaction options applied from the EFTPOS terminal correctly
  • Hospitality POS systems support Terminal Based Tipping
  • The posRefId should be unique for each transaction. Retrying a transaction (eg if the PIN is invalid, signature declined, etc) should generate a new posRefId

Transaction Recovery

  • POS recovers the transaction in the event of a network disconnection AND during an application crash

Receipt Printing

  • The POS prints or stores the EFTPOS receipts.
  • Ability to reprint the EFTPOS receipts from the POS
  • Receipts that require a Signature are printed off as requested - Merchant Copy for signature request and Customer copy for Transaction response.


  • POS can trigger a settlement from the POS and either stores OR prints off the receipt.