Minimum Development checklist

This page outlines the items a POS product must implement to complete a minimum integration with Spice. It should be used as a checklist for POS developers to know what they are required to build.

Request Headers

  • The POS-Name and POS-Version are required to be passed through in the headers for each transaction request.


  • The Adaptor window must appear above the POS so that transactions can be acknowledged
  • If the Adaptor isn't running the POS needs to display an Error Messaging if the user attempts to initiate a transaction
  • The POS can process Purchase, Refund, and MOTO transactions
  • The POS must support Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • If a transaction is declined the sale needs to remain open
  • The POS handles Surcharges and other transaction options applied from the EFTPOS terminal correctly
  • Hospitality POS systems support Terminal Based Tipping
  • The posRefId should be unique for each transaction. Retrying a transaction (eg if the PIN is invalid, signature declined, etc) should generate a new posRefId

Transaction Recovery

  • POS recovers the transaction in the event of a network disconnection AND during an application crash

Integrated Receipts

  • The POS prints or stores the EFTPOS receipts.
  • Ability to reprint the EFTPOS receipts from the POS
  • Receipts that require a Signature are printed off as requested - Merchant Copy for signature request and the sale closes when Approved or remains open when Declined.

Additional Features

At this stage, we recommend implementing any other additional features that align with the POS application. Features such as Pay At Table or Pre-Authorisation should be implemented last as they require additional development compared to the remaining features.