Library and reference POS for iOS.


The easiest way to import the library into your project is using the CocoaPods repository. The pod is called SPIClient-iOS.

Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SPIClient-iOS'

And run the following to pull down the dependency:

pod install

Once the dependency has been pulled down, you can use it in your Objective-C and Swift code.

Reference POS

Reference implementation is available in spi-samples-ios.

Importing and running

Everything you need to import the project into Xcode is checked into the repository. Simply double-click AcmePos.xcworkspace and it will open.

Once everything has been indexed, you can run the app on any iPad simulator or a physical iPad.

Note that it doesn't work on iPhones or iPods because it uses a lot of screen real estate and doesn’t fit on a smaller screen.