Payment Provider

What Is It?

As mx51 onboards more payment providers, we will be adding them to our Spice middleware. This will allow the merchant to select from multiple payment providers from mx51 without additional work from the POS.

The version of Spice that should be downloaded to allow your application to become Multi Acquirer ready is v.1.2.0 and above. This can be downloaded here: Spice.
You can upgrade the Spice adaptor within Spice under the "Settings" tab but, you may be required to re-download the adaptor if you are unable to upgrade.

Spice Design - No Work Required

A new version of Spice will be available for this feature. This is what multiple payment providers will look like in Spice.

Changes: There is a small change in the UI and added a "Payment Provider" field.


POS Design - Minimal Work Required

All that is required of the POS, is to update the Payment Type, to include a generic EFTPOS or Spice button. This represents mx51’s in-store integration with SPICE.

Next Steps

With the amount of work required to enable Multi-tenant, the POS will be required to complete a certification. Please arrange some time to speak with the Integration Team, to discuss testing and the next steps.


Important Message

Updating Spice is triggered manually, so it is up to the customer/support team to assist with the update.

As the update is rolled out, some merchants/clients may experience issues with the Integration. To mitigate this, we should monitor every site that will be affected by the update and ensure the correct payment provider is selected.
Our Support Team can help to monitor these sites/locations.