New Integration

Steps to begin Integrating

  1. Import the relevant SPI Client Library from here.
  2. Download our sample POS with a pre-built implementation here.
  3. Check out our documentation which instructs you on how to instantiate the library
  4. Check out the sample implementation you installed and the overridable functions within the library with the required functions
  5. Have a look at the required and optional features available and decide what you would like to implement here.
  6. Begin work on the Pairing functionality and Pairing UI:
    i. 2.8 - Non Web-Based EFTPOS UI
    ii. 2.8 - Web-based EFTPOS UI
  7. Next, move onto Purchase, Refund and transaction UI.
  8. Work on Recovery and the signature workflow
  9. Incorporate any additional features Integration Features .
  10. Run through the certification test cases.
  11. When you are ready contact your mx51 contact through email/Slack or the agreed communication method