Recommended Implementation

This page is a set of implementation recommendation for POS to follow to gain the most value from Spice integration. Implementation of these elements are not required for certification.

Manual Override Flag

During a network disconnection where a Manual Override - Network Disconnect is triggered the user is required to confirm if a transaction was successful or a failure. This is an unlikely scenario but if it does occur there is a chance that this transaction may be marked incorrectly by the user. As a result of this risk, it is recommended that the POS flag these transactions as manually overridden during reconciliation.

Lock POS UI During Transaction

When a transaction is sent to Spice and the UI is engaged it is recommend that the POS locks its UI. This is to prevent the user from clicking/pressing behind the adaptor transaction window and potentially editing the sale or moving away from the transaction window.

Configure Port Number

The standard port for Spice is 8282. If this port is being used by another service on the PC it is possible to manually change the Spice port. This can be done by editing the "Port":8282 value in the spi.json file and then restarting the application.

You can find this file in the Spice install folder - C:\Users"USERNAME"\AppData\Roaming\Spice

It is recommended that the POS provides the ability to edit the port number in the settings.