Post-certification best practice guide

For Spice Integrations

Your POS has developed the mx51 Payments integration, completed certification and is live in the market. mx51 understands that we are one part of your roadmap and that you will soon be back developing other features and improvements for your product. But what happens when you release a new version of your POS and you want to ensure you have completed adequate regression testing for your mx51 Payments integration? This guide provides best practice recommendations to give you confidence on each release.

A new POS release will fall into one of the three below categories. Each category includes its own set of recommendations and in some cases requirements.

Each POS release

Every development team updates their product at different intervals and implements unique testing strategies to ensure quality. Understanding this we have developed a risk-based 10 minute set of test cases which you can include into your release process to ensure your mx51 integration will be stable on the new release.

Spice Regression Test Suite

Changes to your payments workflow or module

If you intend to release a change to the payments module of your POS then this is higher risk and any changes must be re-tested. Please complete a run through of the all the required feature set test cases. For any optional features you have previously implemented then please also complete these test cases. If you do change the payments workflow please inform the mx51 support team so that they can update the support documentation.

See the Certification test suite page for the latest versions of the test cases.

Complete POS rebuild or additional mx51 feature

In the case that your POS product has been redeveloped from the ground up or that you have decided to implement a new mx51 feature this will require mx51 certification. To arrange this certification testing please reach out to your mx51 Partner Manager. Note: Providing your POS in the event of a redevelopment or mx51 feature release is a requirement of the mx51 POS Partner Agreement.