Steps to integrate

Features and Sample Integration

  1. mx51 supports a number of features, please have a look at all the features here: Integration Features
  2. Review our Sample Applications and understand how our products work and all the features you want to integrate
    ii. Libraries and Sample

Development and baseline Integration

Common Functions

  1. lets start off with the common functions of the SPI library.
    Note: All Recipes are done in Vanilla JS.

SPI States

  1. Work on the SPI States. This is important to get all the transaction, device and pairing updates.



  1. Begin work on the Pairing functionality and Pairing UI:
    i. Non Web-Based EFTPOS UI
    ii. Web-based EFTPOS UI
  2. Working on the Payment Provider

Pairing and Storing Secrets

  1. Once the common functions and SPI States have been done, we can start with pairing and storing the secrets.

Auto Address Resolution

  1. We should use the Auto Address Resolution docs as a guide on how pairing is initiated.



  1. Review the transaction UI.

Purchase Refund and More

the API docs below:


  1. More information on the surcharge can be found here: Surcharge Flow

Additional Features

  1. Incorporate any additional features Integration Features.
    i. Pre-authorisation
    ii. Pay at table
    iii. Multi Pairing


  1. Run through the certification test cases.
Certification test suiteVersion
Mandatory + Additional Test SuiteV4.0
Pay at Tablev3.5


  1. When you are ready contact your mx51 contact through email/Slack or the agreed communication method