Gecko Bank

Gecko Bank is a full-feature virtual terminal that we recommend for testing your integration, and it can be installed on your Android device.


Gecko Bank is a virtual terminal (or ‘terminal emulator’) meaning that it acts as a full-featured test terminal without requiring a physical EFTPOS device. It is an Android app that you can easily install on your Android mobile phone. It can be paired with an integration and then used to emulate end-to-end business transactions. The MXA Settings app is included which gives you full control over the EFTPOS terminal settings.

Gecko Bank should be used instead of a physical EFTPOS terminal due to the many benefits listed below.

Screenshot of the Gecko Bank app on the homepage (Left) and screenshot of the MXA Settings app displaying various settings (Right).

Benefits of using Gecko Bank

Full support Our team provides full support for Gecko Bank. In contrast, we can only provide partial support for physical terminals and in most cases, you will need to request support from your bank or acquirer.
Full control With Gecko Bank, you have full control over the EFTPOS terminal settings. In contrast, some physical terminals may require you to talk with the bank or acquirer to configure settings and this slows down the testing process.
Full functionality Gecko Bank provides the full features of an EFTPOS terminal without requiring a physical device.
Easy to acquire and install Gecko Bank is an Android app that can be easily installed on your device (e.g. your Android phone) and you can start using it immediately. You don’t need to acquire a physical terminal and there is no complicated setup.
Additional benefits Gecko Bank always operates in a safe testing environment and uses a ‘mock’ payment app, so it never transfers real money. Also, it can be used without a test card and this speeds up the testing workflow.

Device requirements

Android Gecko Bank can only be installed on Android devices.
Google Play Gecko Bank is installed from the Google Play Store; hence, this store must be available on your device.

Get the app

To get the Gecko Bank app, contact us on your dedicated Slack channel or at [email protected] and provide the following details.

  • Personal name
  • Personal email address (this must be the email address used by the Google Play store on your Android device)
  • Company name
  • Company address (e.g. 1 Example St, Sydney NSW 2000)

We will then give you access to download the app from the Google Play Store. (To do so, you must be logged in to your Google account — the account of the personal email address that you provided.)

Using the app

When Gecko Bank is installed, the Gecko Bank app will appear on your device along with the MXA Settings app. The MXA Settings app is used for enabling/disabling features of Gecko Bank and configuring some of its settings.

A user guide will be provided to you so you can learn how to use these apps.

Also, refer to the Magic numbers guide when testing.


If you enable a feature in the MXA Settings app and it doesn't activate, please contact us on your dedicated Slack channel.