Test Terminal and Guides

Terminal Guide

The Terminal guide will have reference to Pairing, Network Configuration, Password, Feature configuration and Load Params. Please download the document for ease of access. If you do experience any issues, we are contactable via email, at [email protected] or your dedicated Slack channel.

Integrated vs Standalone

The EFTPOS terminals provided to you will have two modes that will both be able to take payment. The two mode are:

  • Integrated Mode
  • Standalone Mode

Integrated Mode

In this mode, you have the ability to take control of the EFTPOS terminal, communicate and send payments from your Point-of-Sales application. You will have access to all In-store features depending on the Integration method chosen and selected integrated features.


Integrated Mode

Key Combo

While in Integrated mode, press ENTER + 1 to enter Standalone Mode.
To exit, Press red X.

Standalone Mode

In the event of a disruption to the EFTPOS terminal and Point-of-Sale, your EFTPOS terminal has the ability to enter Standalone mode which gives you the ability to take payments manually by entering the amount on the keypad. Standalone Mode is offered for all devices but is limited on the number of features.


Standalone Mode

Updating the Terminal

Your Integration Support Engineer may ask you to perform a 'Load Params' when a request to update or make changes to the EFTPOS terminal is made. Please follow the instructions below to perform load params:

  1. Enter Standalone Mode by pressing (Enter + 1) at the same time
  2. Select “Menu”
  3. Press the “down arrow” button until the option 'Load Params' appears.
  4. Select “Load Params”

At this stage, the terminal will download the updates. Please do not disturb the terminal and leave the terminal connected to a power source. Disturbing the terminal may cause issues for your terminal.