Test Terminal and Guides

mx51 Payment Terminals

Below you’ll find information about the terminals and User Guides.

mx51 currently integrates with the Verifone VX690 and e355.

Terminal Guide

The Terminal guide will have reference to Pairing, Network Configuration, Password, Feature configuration and Load Params. Please download the document for ease of access. If you do experience any issues, we are contactable via email, [email protected] or your dedicated Slack channel.

Cheat Sheet for the VX690

Integrated Mode

If in Standalone mode, please press the red "X" button to exit.

Integrated ModeIntegrated Mode

Integrated Mode

Standalone Mode

Key Combo: ENTER + 1 while in Integrated mode to change
To exit, Press red "X"

Standalone ModeStandalone Mode

Standalone Mode

Initiating Load Params (updating the terminal)

  1. Enter Standalone Mode (Enter + 1)
  2. Press the correlated “Menu” button of the terminal
  3. Press the correlated “down arrow” button of the terminal
  4. Select “Load Params”