SPI can enable your POS to make MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) transactions.


A MOTO transaction is a purchase where the customer cannot tap, insert, or swipe their card on the EFTPOS terminal, so instead the merchant enters the card details into the terminal. For instance, this is used when a customer pays over the phone. It is also called a 'card-not-present transaction'.

Enable MOTO transactions

To use this feature, it must be enabled from your EFTPOS terminal. For the Gecko Bank terminal, open the MXA Settings app then enable the MOTO setting.

Make a MOTO transaction

An example of the code for making a MOTO transaction is in the transactions code sample.

In the code, the spi.InitiateMotoPurchaseTx(...) function takes several parameters that are the same as those used for purchase and refund transactions. Therefore, to understand these parameters, learn about purchase and refund transactions.

Sequence diagram of a MOTO transaction.

When using Gecko Bank for testing, select the type of MOTO transaction (Mail order, Telephone, or Manual), then enter the card numbers.

After the transaction, the 'TxFlowStateChanged' event will contain the following in its details.Response

  • The transaction_type will be MOTO, indicating that it was a MOTO transaction.
  • The card_entry field indicates the type of MOTO transaction:
    • MANUAL_MAIL — mail order, i.e. via mail or email.
    • MANUAL_PHONE — telephone order, i.e. over-the-phone.
    • MANUAL — manual, i.e. via any other method.


In your transactions UI, there must be a button for making a MOTO transaction that is separate from the button for making a purchase.