Library and reference POS for iOS.


Version Support

In order to integrate our iOS library, mx51 requires you to support:

  • RNCryptor-objc (3.0.6)
  • SocketRocket (0.5.1)

Please ensure these versions meet these requirements in order to support the iOS library.


The easiest way to import the library into your project is using the CocoaPods repository. The pod is called SPIClient-iOS.

Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SPIClient-iOS'

And run the following to pull down the dependency:

pod install

Once the dependency has been pulled down, you can use it in your Objective-C and Swift code.

Reference POS

Reference implementation is available in spi-samples-ios.

Importing and running

Everything you need to import the project into Xcode is checked into the repository. Simply double-click AcmePos.xcworkspace and it will open.

Once everything has been indexed, you can run the app on any iPad simulator or a physical iPad.

Note that it doesn't work on iPhones or iPods because it uses a lot of screen real estate and doesn’t fit on a smaller screen.