Before starting, check that your POS satisfies the software requirements, then install SPI and the Gecko Bank app and pair them together.

System requirements

SPI can only be integrated with POS software that satisfies the following requirements.

Web browser or framework SPI must run on the client side (the front-end) inside a web browser or by using a framework like Electron that provides a browser window.
JavaScript SPI is a JavaScript library so it can only be imported into JavaScript projects.
Internet connection SPI requires an internet connection; however, some basic features can be used offline.

Your SPI integration will have an architecture similar to the following.

A flowchart diagram of the SPI integration architecture.


See what's changed in the release notes.

Step 1. Install SPI

The SPI library (@mx51/spi-client-js) can be installed in your JavaScript project using npm.

npm install @mx51/spi-client-js

Later, we will learn how to import and use this library.

Step 2. Get Gecko Bank

To install Gecko Bank, see the Gecko Bank guide